Tryon honors Seth Vining Jr.

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. was born in Demorest, Georgia on August 12, 1924 and moved to the Town of Tryon when he was three years old; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. attended and excelled in the sports of football, basketball and baseball at Tryon School and Tryon High School where he was known as the &dquo;quiet one&dquo;; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. attended Duke University on a football scholarship where he was a freshman when the Rose Bowl was played in Durham, N.C. on January 1, 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, served as president of the Duke University Kappa Alpha fraternity and vice-president of his senior class; and

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WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. served with the Army during World War II and served as Chief File Clerk for the United States House of Representatives where he met and married Marjorie &dquo;Bos&dquo; Boswell; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. returned to Polk County and Tryon to work with the family&squo;s newspaper business at the Tryon Daily Bulletin where his father, Seth Vining Sr.&squo;s recommendation to employees was, &dquo;You hear more when you don&squo;t say anything&ellip;Observe, observe,&dquo; and where he served as editor and publisher from 1968 until 1989 with the personal philosophy that the news should be positive and hometown newspapers should be neutral; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. served Tryon and Polk County as an Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster, Tryon Congregational Church Sunday School Teacher, Trustee, & Deacon, Little League umpire, Polk County and Region Morehead Scholarship Committee member, Parent Teachers Association officer, Chairman of the Polk County School Board for 8 years, Polk County Commissioner for 8 years, President of the Polk County Chamber of Commerce, President of the Tryon Kiwanis Club, Polk County Zoning Appeal Board member and Harmon Field Board of Supervisors member; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. highly valued service to the community where everyone has a responsibility to promote the local quality of life and the importance of family; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. was a man of integrity who loved and served his family, his community and was dedicated to quality news reporting at the Tryon Daily Bulletin; and

WHEREAS, Seth Vining Jr. passed away on Monday, October 20, 2008 and will be sorely missed by his many colleagues, neighbors, friends and appreciative readers; and


That, I, J. Alan Peoples, Mayor of the Town of Tryon, North Carolina, take great pride in proclaiming that the Town of Tryon honors Seth Vining Jr., posthumously, for his many years of outstanding service as owner-editor of the Tryon Daily Bulletin and his many years of dedication and service to his fellow citizens of Tryon and Polk County.