Terrorism ‘an attack on humanity’ says Polk exchange student from India

Published 2:23 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just three months before the Bombay attack, Madnani was in Bombay shopping and finalizing his Visa to come to the United States.

Madnani, 17, says his country has been plagued severely by these sort of attacks since 2003. In the last five years, 15 significant attacks have taken place in India, killing many citizens.

The largest attack was a seven-bomb explosion in Bombay in 2006, in which 180 people were killed.

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While his heart goes out to the people of his country who are suffering in this terrorist activity, Madnani sees the events in more global terms.

&dquo;Usually, I feel it&squo;s not just an attack on India, it&squo;s an attack on humanity,&dquo; the 17-year-old said. &dquo;All countries should come together to fight terrorism. It&squo;s been affecting many countries for years.&dquo;

Since he&squo;s been in Polk County, however, Madnani&39;s life has been peaceful. Chuck and Denise Britton are currently acting as his host family. He&squo;ll change homes again soon, moving in with his second host family, Pete and Ann Crandall.

Right now, Madnani says he&39;s just focusing on the track season and looking forward to playing baseball next season. And in a couple of weeks the Brittons will be taking him to Disney World.

When he returns home, he will start studying to be a lawyer, following in the footsteps of his two sisters and father.

But right now, he&squo;s soaking up America.

&dquo;It&squo;s great,&dquo; he said. &dquo;I feel a part of the country.&dquo;