Green Creek Hounds Halloween Hunter Pace

Published 9:29 am Friday, November 28, 2008

by Boots Plyler & Jan Smith

The Green Creek Hounds folks deserve kudos for a fabulous hunter pace and trail ride. The trails, on the gorgeous Green Creek Farm, were wide and meandered through some spectacular woods full of fall beauty with many views of the river. Halloween goblins, ghosts and things that go bump in the night were scattered along the path. Jumps were plentiful and solidly constructed of natural materials. They were not so high as to be intimidating and the approaches and departures were safe. Many thanks go to Roger and Jennifer Smith for use of their lovely property!

Thanks are also very much in order to the abundance of Green Creek Hounds workers: Dolores Erthal‐ Pace Organizer, Christi Fowler & Pat Hale ‐ designing and marking pace course. Trail clearers: Baiba Bourbeau, Susane Brown, Ilena Budde, Dolores & Charlie Erthal, Ruth & Steve Gold, Melinda Holland, Tom Jackson, Kem Ketcham, Cindy Lubin, Buck Matthews, Charlotte Odom, Phillip Osborne, Jan Smith, Carla Tumbleson and Jan Whitehurst. Everything was organized and set with Emmie & Phillip Osborne handling tents, flyer and ribbons. Registration was handled by Avery Mihtz, Gwen Hancock, Cindy Lubin & Momo Weatherby. Nancy Reynolds handled prizes and helped out wherever needed with paperwork.

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Parking was ably handled by Mike Bentivegna, Jerry Dove, Ray Gasperson, Steve Gold, Nina Schug and Jan Whitehurst, who also set out road signs to help drivers find their way. Thanks to the Green Creek Fire Department for use of their cones and for having Lisa Culbertson on site all day.

The efficient timers were Andy & Pat Foster, with Ginny Chibbaro, Rugh Gold, Tom & Vicky Jackson, Joan McIntyre & Marqueta Thomas handling the Half Way Point. Thann Boyum, DVM was on hand as emergency vet.

The food was organized by Christi Fowler and Deborah Bundy while Clara Carter and Charlotte Odom handled &dquo;dessert procurement&dquo; and everyone brought desserts! Food setup was Clifford Whitehurst and Cindy Lubin, beverages Kathy & Ric Rondell. Hard working chefs were David Sinyard and Bob Begley, who even supplied lovely music to dine by. And for the equine friends, Elaine Hobbs supplied a good stock of carrots.

Costume Contest Results

Most Authentic: &bsp;&bsp; &bsp;Mary Tolles (George Washington). Adam & Kelly Brown (Elizabethan Knights).

Best Originality: Karen Beckwith (Little Bo Peep with her &dquo;sheep&dquo;). Baiba Bourbeau & Beatrice Lamb (Pirate & Musketeer).

Funniest:&bsp;&bsp; &bsp;Lisa Tyler & Amy Grant (witches)

Most Clever: Sarah Houck, Biddie Lowry & Brook Leonard (&dquo;White Girls Can Jump&dquo;) with &dquo;Clemson Tiger&dquo; horse. Scariest: Ric & Kathy Rondell (Broom Groom & Witch).

Prettiest: Shanna Moore, Kathy Hodge & Sylvia Hamilton (3 Ballerinas).

Scariest Kid: Grant Hilsman.

Not Mounted

Most Outrageous:Carol Stanley (Floozy).

Scariest: Karen Sinyard (Skeleton in black shroud: slinking around, coming up behind people and darting off&ellip; made your hair stand on end&ellip; no one knew who it was!)

Field Hunter Division (one hour, 12 minutes).

1. Cindy Kaufman.

2. Bill Boger (one hour, 14 minutes, 21 seconds).

3. Rodney Hawk and Eileen Taylor (one hour, 15 minutes, 11 seconds).

4. Jeannie Hester, Brenda King, Janet Ladd, Thomas Pluemper (three minutes 15 seconds under optimum).

5. Jana Hinely (one hour, seven minutes, 20 seconds).

6. Liz Crawley (five minutes under optimum).

Trail Rider Division (one hour, 16 minutes, seven seconds).

1. Adam and Kelly Brown (five seconds over calculated optimum).

2. Teresa Johnson (one hour, 15 minutes, 39 seconds).

3. Lisa Spriggs, Skyler Warren (one hour, 17 minutes, two seconds).

4. Carol Greata, Kelly Rappuchiof, Jasmin Poor (57 seconds under optimum).

5. Boots, Sarah Plyler (one hour, 13 minutes, 37 seconds).

6. Nancy Finkell, Bobby Turner (one hour, 18 minutes, 49 seconds.