Any Soldier, Any Dog 2008

Published 11:58 am Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner, and it always brings to mind those serving in the military to secure our freedom, far from home over the holidays.

So once again I would like to suggest that if you would like to send Christmas cards, supplies, or gifts to Our Troops overseas, now is a good time to get started.

&bsp;Over the last few years, I have personally sent dog toys, dog supplies, and dog treats to our Military K9s.&bsp; This year there are a number of requests from K9 units and kennel masters for dog toys, leashes for large dogs with retractable leads, harnesses and the like.&bsp; One unit in Afghanistan is requesting canned dog food, and they all want treats that can be carried on missions.

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&bsp;I am currently packing a box for Military Working Dog Handler Brian Meinert in Iraq.&bsp; His email follows:

&bsp;&dquo;We are the Military Working Dog Section and we each have a dog and they work hard but toys for them are not offered here, they really like kongs, balls, chew toys and other normal everyday house dog items. Our living conditions are not that bad but some things we do need are baby wipes, tissues, personnel hygene products and other things of that nature, drink mixes, energy drinks. Our entertainment consists of a small variety of DVD&squo;s and a TV so if you have some used DVD&squo;s you would like to donate to this section where they would stay that would be great. Snacks of all kinds for us and the dogs so when we do go out we have something for the teams. anything will be greatly appreciated by all of us. Thank you for reading this and contributing to all of here in the K-9 section.&dquo;

&bsp;I cannot imagine the conditions in which these dogs, and their handlers and the other troops, are living, but I can guarantee that none of them has a bed as soft, warm, and safe as mine (or the one I think is mine!).&bsp; And my bed is safe because these men, women, and dogs chose to serve our country by leaving their families and putting themselves in harm&squo;s way.&bsp; It is the least I can do to send them things that will make their lives just a little bit better.&bsp; And I do hope they enjoy the photo of ME in a red, white and blue bandana that I am including in the package!

I sent a package to a canine handler a couple of years ago in Iraq and I got the nicest reply and thank you…it was even addressed to Champ on the envelope!

If you would like to send a letter, card, or package to a member of our military, go to the website and read the emails from our troops.&bsp; The link is at – because freedom isn&squo;t free, just ask any soldier!

And when you are writing your Christmas cards this year, please consider sending one to: &dquo;A Recovering Soldier, c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW, Washington, DC 20307-5001 .

Maybe for Christmas this year, we can all ask for PEACE……and hope that soon these brave men, women, and dogs will be able to come home.

Until then, here&squo;s to all the working K9s AND their handlers, and to all who continue to sacrifice so much for our freedom.&bsp; Happy Thanksgiving!