Tryon discusses finances, vision in retreat

Published 1:40 pm Monday, November 10, 2008

Tryon Town Council recently held the first of several mini-retreats planned to discuss long term goals for the town.

At the first mini-retreat, held last month, discussions centered around council creating a vision statement. There was also some discussion of the town&squo;s current financial position.

The next mini-retreat is scheduled next Tuesday beginning at 7 p.m. at the Tryon Fire Department.

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The town&squo;s agenda for the retreats includes nine items:

1. Develop a policy for recycling

2. Develop roles for the town&squo;s various boards and committees

3. Discuss a strategic plan

4. Develop annual goals

5. Develop an economic development strategy

6. Develop a policy to re-evaluate utility rates every two years

7. Develop a financial plan

8. Develop a formal annexation policy (master plan or alternative)

9. Discuss current state fiscal problems and the impact on the town

Last month discussions centered around the state&squo;s fiscal problems and how state revenues may be withheld from the town. Other discussions centered around council&squo;s vision for the town.

On state revenues, Tryon Town Manager Dr. Jack Miller said he is currently working on a comprehensive plan and financial analysis of the town to find alternate revenue sources and to find savings. Miller said he plans sometime this month to have the concept ready for town commissioners to see where cuts can be made if necessary. The plan will include cuts in case the town does not receive some of its usual state revenue.

Council agreed last month for councilman Austin Chapman to work on vision, goals and mission statements for the town. He plans to send the draft to commissioners for their input.

Vision statements discussed last month included one from Chapman: &dquo;Tryon government shall provide its citizens the leadership, services, infrastructure and environment to allow its citizens to achieve their greatest quality of life.&dquo;

Another from councilman Dennis Durham suggested the town&squo;s vision could be, &dquo;to provide the quality of services that our citizens expect at a price they can afford.&dquo;