What happened to John McCain?

Published 11:07 am Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hate to say it, but John McCain has officially sold out. The once-maverick is now attempting to ride a wave of goodwill based on his past actions into the White House, thinking that we the people will ignore what he has becomea neoconservative pawn so in love with the idea of ascending to this nations highest public office that he is willing to say or do anything to achieve his goal.
What happened to the John McCain of 2006 who helped author a bill in favor of granting rights to illegal aliens? A couple of months ago McCain said that he would today not vote for his own bill. What happened to McCains staunch opposition of torture of detainees? I dont know, because now McCain seems to be fine with waterboarding, an ages-old practice involving repeatedly making the subject think that he or she is drowning. That may not be so terrible in the span of human atrocities, but still, that doesnt sound like a particularly enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
But most alarmingto me, at leastis McCains reneging on his pledge to run a fair and honest campaign against Barack Obama. A man running a fair and honest campaign does not allow his vice presidential nominee to devote an entire speech to the prospect of Obama palling around with terrorists. This is 2004 all over again; they are trying to Swift-Boat my boy Barack, and I for one wont stand for it. It would be a shame if McCainwho has admitted that the economy is a sure loser for himwere able to win chiefly on the basis such scare tactics.
You dont hear Obama mentioning how Sarah Palin gave televised remarks at the Alaskan Independence Party (a political party whose sole objective is seceding Alaska from the United States) Convention a mere six months before she was nominated, do you? Or how her office is currently under investigation for misuse of gubernatorial power with regards to the firing of a state trooper? Or how in the 1980s John McCain was a member of the Keating Five, a group of five senators who accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Charles A. Keating in exchange for dissuading a federal investigation of his company the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association which later collapsed, defrauding 23,000 investors along the way? No, I didnt think so.
And did you watch the debates? Oh my Lord, they were boring. John McCains basic argument against Barack Obama has been that he claims Obama wants to raise taxes for the middle and lower classes. When you look at this argument, it literally makes no sense. Why would a presidential candidate raise taxes for the majority of his voters? McCains use of this argument is both condescending and insulting to the American People, and I for one refuse to buy it.
Thats not all. McCain and Palins predictability have put Americas youth at risk. There have been widespread reports of debate drinking games around our nations college campuses. While I myself have not verified said whisperings, if what they say is true, McCains excessive use of the phrase my friends and Sarah Palins wink are surely threatening the blood alcohol content of millions of young drinking enthusiasts.
I used to like old Johnny boy. I really did. He was a man of principle, who would be damned if he followed strict party lines, instead following his own political muse, championing causes regardless of the political repercussions. I would have voted for this man for President.
What happened John McCain and his principles?
Clearly, he left them on the doorstep of one of his seven houses.

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