‘A Tail-wagging Gala’: Any &All Dog Show results

Published 3:40 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

This year&squo;s Tryon Riding & Hunt Club&squo;s Any & All Dog Show held on Sunday, Oct. 12 at Harmon Field proved once again to be an astonishing tail-wagging gala. Sponsors Tryon Riding & Hunt Club and the Foothills Humane Society watched as a record-setting 170 dogs were present with their owners and handlers in tow during the 75th year of this Tryon tradition.

The Reverend Deacon Pam Bright of Holy Cross Episcopal Church started the day off with the Blessing of the Animals. In honor of the show&squo;s 75th anniversary, Jim Vare of Longshot Loft in Green Creek and L. J. Meyers of Homeward Angels in Landrum released 75 racing birds and white doves.

Dr. Iain Fitch and Timmye Cochran from Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital in Columbus were kept very busy judging. &squo;And trying to ignore canine comments,&squo; such as &dquo;Hey Buster, look this way, my tail is curlier and cuter than his!&dquo; (most interesting tail) or &dquo;So you really think I am that ugly?&dquo; (dog that is &squo;so ugly it&squo;s cute&39;). One of the last comments they heard was, &dquo;I know where I want to be, and that is at home watching TV!&dquo;

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Announcer Joey Cabaniss kept the crowd amused as he called the entrants into the ring for a wide variety of classic dog show classes. Cabaniss overheard owners saying, &dquo;We have the best trick,&dquo; &dquo;This is so exciting ‐ I feel like I am at the Westminster Dog Show!&dquo; and &dquo;Remember now, behave yourself!&dquo;

Monday, Tryon Riding & Hunt Club president Charles C. Lingerfelt III thanked Watson Flooring and Appliance, Carolina First, and Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital for their sponsorship. In sending the Foothills Humane Society a check for approximately $700, Lingerfelt said, &dquo;The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club donates the proceeds of the day to help further their excellent work in the community, and with their spaying and neutering program.&dquo;

The following are results (going by the entry form) with the placing, dog&squo;s name, then the handler (HM = honorable mention).

Dog with the Best Trick (Adult)

1 Mrs. Kitty, Katelyn Jones

2 Apollo, Lauren Halbkat

3 Rascal, Amy Correll

Dog with the Best Trick (Child)

1 Tucker, Mitchell Brown

2 Faith, Skyler, Kelsey & Juliet

3 Belle, Tyler Muse

Dog with the Best Costume (Adult)

1 Bijou, Donald Revan

2 Spike, Linda Herbert

3 Dixie, Jack Jennings

4 Oreo, Wendy Kinney

Dog with the Best Costume (Child)

1 Roxy, Caroline Luedi

2 Susie (Avril Lotias)

3 Moe, Mike Scott

4 Bailey, Samantha & Hailey

Dog So Ugly It&squo;s Cute

1 Emma, Allie Cockman

2 (one of 5 dogs) Cynthia Norden

3 Spike, Alli Halbkat

4 Thayer, Gus Alvarez

HM Roco Gwen Edwards

Dog with the Most Interesting Tail

1 George, Brianne Dill

2 Robin Hood, Barbara Childs

3 Cisco, Marie Constance

4 Redd, Gail Lionetti

Best Adopted Dog (not from FHS)

All dogs entered won a blue ribbon.

Best Adopted Dog from the Foothills Humane Society

All dogs entered won a blue ribbon.

Best Tail Wagger

1 Daisy, Laura Smith

2 Bailey, Edie Allen

3 Dakota, Kimberly Upton

4 Bella, Virginia

HM Redd, Gail Lionetti

HM Karli, Jeraime

Dog Who Would Rather Be at Home

1 Ella, Karina Kinney

2 Izzy, Ashton & Cameron Capozzi

3 (?), (?)

4 Faith, Skyler, Kelsey & Juliet

HM Jessy, Angela Szwadowski

Biggest Dog

Harley, Rosy Schlueter

Smallest Dog

Summer, Holly Revan

Best Senior Dog (over 10 years old)

1 Thayer, Gus Alvarez

2 Buck, Jill Silver

3 Kodiak Sunrise, Bill Barker

4 Mutley, Beth

Family Class ‐ &dquo;Same Household&dquo;

1 Johnson&39;s

2 Dusty Morris&39;s

3 Katie Barker&39;s

4 Emily Clark&39;s

HM Linda Herbert&squo;s

HM Nicole Ensley&squo;s family

Best Dog in Show

All first place winners except classes 5 & 6:&bsp; The Johnson family (4 dogs).