Many political signs being stolen this election season, say officials

Published 6:06 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Polk County Democratic Party Chair Margaret Johnson says that many signs for presidential candidate Barack Obama and local county commissioner candidate Ren´e McDermott have been stolen during this campaign season.

Cheryl Every, chair of the Polk County Republican Party, says the same is occurring with signs for presidential candidate John McCain, again many from private property. Some signs for local Republican commissioner candidates have also been taken, but the candidates say it&squo;s nothing out of the ordinary for any election year.

McDermott said last week about 40 signs were missing from all over the county.

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Johnson says the Obama signs have been stolen mostly in Columbus, although some have been taken from Tryon.

If people are taking the signs because this is an historic election, Johnson says, they can come by the headquarters later and the Democratic party will give them signs. But it&squo;s unfortunate if the signs are being taken because of people&squo;s fears that those candidates will win the election, Johnson said.

It is illegal to take signs from any property.