the MuddyBottoms Gang

Published 7:00 pm Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi!&bsp; Back again.We still haven&39;t gotten moved to our new Green Creek home, but we&39;re hopeful.&bsp; Just as soon as the economy shapes up.&bsp; I can&39;t wait.&bsp;When we bought our property in Green Creek back in 2006, our realestate agent was very clear that we should never, ever talk about how things are done differently (and presumably better) where we came from.&bsp;Well, you&39;ll be just delighted to know, they&39;re not done&bsp;differently or better &bsp;up here, they&39;re done just the same way.We continue to be faithful readers of the TDB, and noticed in an article on the county&39;s water plans that water lines will be run first to new developments and that the developers will pay as much as 40% of the cost.&bsp; The tax payers will of course have to pick up the bill for ther rest.&bsp; This is just so like were we live.&bsp; The developers get rich, richer, richest, and we pay more taxes to help that along.&bsp; Wow!

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