Students get glimpse of Polk’s agricultural history

Published 12:20 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2008

During the visit, owner Marjorie Womack provided the students with a brief history of the farm&squo;s operations, which have included cattle, soybeans, orchards and timber. The students toured the farm&squo;s original home place, which was built in 1905 by the Womack family and still stands today. The students viewed an antique corn husker and spinning wheel inside the house.

Mrs. Womack and her husband Bernard returned to the area following his retirement from the Navy in January of 1968. Mrs. Womack, a retired Registered Nurse, who returned to college in her fifties, encouraged the students to continue to work hard at their studies and education, as it would provide numerous opportunities for them in the future.

An avid weaver, Mrs. Womack also shared some of her projects with the students and provided them with information about the different looms she uses and the process of taking raw wool, spinning it and using it to make garments and decorative pieces.

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