More concerns raised about Tryon’s recycling center

Published 4:04 pm Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tryon continues to get complaints regarding the appearance of its recycling center on Palmer Street.

During a meeting last week, Tryon council heard from citizens that the center and the maintenance shed where the recycle bins are located are generally messy, with trash often blowing around. Council heard similar concerns last month.

Tryon councilman Dennis Durham suggested that the bins be moved up along Palmer Street on the front side of the parking lot near the former Blue Ridge Lawn and Power building. Durham also said last week that recycling is a county function and the county needs to take over the duty.

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&dquo;We never intended to have this as a permanent fixture in Tryon,&dquo; said Durham. &dquo;We never intended for this to be in your backyard.&dquo;

Bill McKaig of the county&squo;s recycling advisory committee said the county has applied for a grant and if approved, three trailers with removable boxes can be obtained, which will give the county a mobile recycling unit to travel around the county.

Tryon Mayor Alan Peoples said his suggestion would be to move the bins to the town sewer plant and have the facility open only when the sewer plant is open.

Council&squo;s comments followed a picture presentation by Eloise Johnson, who lives near the bins. She says she often picks up trash around the center and also spoke on the issue last month. Johnson thanked town employees for the work they&squo;ve done since last month in trying to keep the area clean. She even sent letters to the town thanking them for their recent work, but also said that some other option is needed. She suggested moving the facility to the sewer plant with an attendant and having more frequent pickups since the bins fill up so quickly.

&dquo;I&squo;m so glad that people are recycling,&dquo; said Johnson. &dquo;We&squo;ve just not got it right.&dquo;

Johnson has also suggested both months for the town to install a fence around the center.

The town in recent months decided to move the recycling center to Palmer Street because its first location across from the fire department was temporary and also drew complaints from nearby residents.