An introduction from Pitypat – Repeat offender

Published 7:00 pm Monday, September 15, 2008

&bsp;Hi Tryon and surrounding area.&bsp;&bsp; I do not live there yet, but I do visit as often as I can.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; It has been my plan for the end of this year to come there, rent a small place, and sign up for some classes at the Tryon Art Guild.&bsp;&bsp;I feel so at home there, I really love the area.&bsp;I took a pottery class there several years ago and&bsp; enjoyed that class.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp;Since then, &bsp;I have came back many times to visit my artist friends,&bsp; your&bsp;festivals, wine walks, and art gallery openings.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; &bsp; I have totally become a repeat offender.&bsp;&bsp; I find myself drawn to the area.&bsp; So, my plan is to come stay awhile, go with the flow and see what happens.I was gonna just do it, but being a realtor, my business is not gonna allow me the benefit ( funds ) of coming there until maybe later&bsp;in the year.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; However, I have began to look in your classifieds to see if I could locate a part time job.&bsp;&bsp; I will be in the area soon checking out some rental property and looking for those Help Wanted signs…so you guys go easy on me.&bsp; I am expecting a warm welcome.I do make my own perfume, you may have picked up a bottle of it.&bsp; It is called Pitypat&39;s Love Collection.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; I always get my ingredients locally at the Brass Latch in Saluda from Sue.&bsp;&bsp;&bsp; I can call her and she will ship me anything I need.&bsp;&bsp; I love her shop…if you have not been there lately…go see her, and tell her I said hello.That will be about all for now…until next time….take care and be kind to one another.&bsp;&bsp; Your&bsp;future neighbor,Pitypat&bsp;&bsp;

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