Back at UNC!

Published 10:19 am Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Tryon Daily Bulletin reader,
Id like to issue an apology to everybody who was waiting for a column from me, but because it takes a while to get back into the organized chaos that is returning to campus, getting settled in to the dorm, running from the cops at three in the morning, going to class, etc., it took me a while to remember that I had a column due back home, so I accidentally took a few weeks off. My bad.
Anyway, now that Im a sophomore in college, Ive realized that I need to, like, start, yknow, doing stuff. And by stuff, I mean productive stuff. Like declaring a major and sticking with it. Instead of Drew Millard, College Student, I am now Drew Millard, Student of History, which is great, because I really wanted to study something that can lead into an interesting and exciting career in working the checkout line at Target. But seriously, History is not a field known for its myriad job opportunities.
While I may be relegated to the bottom of the rungs of the financial ladder after I graduate, right now Im living like a king. My room, now located in the Grimes Dormitory (Officially 26 days without a resident getting mugged! Im not kidding) is quite spacious. I enjoy amounts of space unheard-of by most college students, with square footage in the upper hundreds. I even have enough room for an office chair and a mini-fridge! On the other hand, I live on the top floor of my building, and my room has slanted ceilings which are not very fun, as Ive developed a nasty habit of bumping my head on the ceiling every time I sit up at night, and the brain damage has led to my forgetting of my own name.
On the roommate front, I have two of them. In case you were wondering, thats one more than usual. However, because I happen to enjoy being in the company of mass amounts of people at all times, I opted to live with two dudes instead of one, which is nice because we get more room than people in two-person rooms, and since there was that sitcom called Threes Company, I feel that I have the right to refer to myself as John Ritter.
So I guess you could say that Im happy to be back at college. Now if youll excuse me, its almost 3 a.m., and Ive got to strap on my running shoes, because I think I hear the cops.
Drew Millard

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