Saluda now under mandatory water restrictions

Published 1:09 pm Friday, August 8, 2008

Water customers cited for violations could face a $500 fine or disconnection of their water service.

The mandatory water restrictions prohibit customers from:

&ull; Watering lawns, shrubs, trees and flowers. Vegetable gardens can be watered once a week with up to one inch of water.

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&ull; Washing cars, sidewalks, decks, driveways, patios, homes or buildings.

&ull; Operating ornamental fountains, pools or ponds, among other restrictions.

&ull; Filling new or existing pools.

&ull; Serving drinking water at restaurants unless requested by a patron.

&ull; Operating water-cooled air conditioners unless the water is recycled.

&ull; Using water unnecessarily&bsp; or wasting water.

The restrictions apply to customers in Saluda, Laurel Park and Hendersonville.

City officials said they would not have gone to mandatory restrictions if they did not think the situation is serious. They said the area has not received rainfall in recent weeks, and substantial rainfall is not forecasted in the near future.

Although the city implemented voluntary water restrictions last summer, and reminded residents last week about conserving water, officials say they did not see a noticeable reduction in water usage.

Saluda water customers join customers in Tryon who have been under mandatory water restrictions since last August. Tryon customers have maintained a significantly reduced level of water consumption while under the restrictions.