Summer in Wilson, NY

Published 7:00 pm Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Tryon! We are in the thick of summer up here in Wilson, NY. The shores of Lake Ontario have been very entertaining this year. We have been busy boating, fishing, swimming, and going to and having parties. Our kids are taking swim lessons, tennis lessons, and attending summer recreation fieldtrips and activities this summer. Joseph still will not let us have his hair cut, he tells us his friends say he looks better with long hair! Oh well! It&39; a small issue, why fight it. He starts 6th grade, at the middle school, this fall. He also has a &uot;girl friend&uot; this summer too. Oh boy, times are a changin&39;! Adam is getting taller and has made a nice circle of friends here. Ben, who turned 5 in July, is swimming underwater like a fish. He keeps us laughing and smiling. All three played soccer this spring.Brett&39;s work has really picked up in May and June and has been very busy, despite fracturing a rib on our new front porch job in early July. Ann is busy shuffling kids to and from and of course keeping house, paying bills, and keeping every body and their &uot;stuff&uot; together. Brett and I did go to see Frank Marino in concert. He is Jimi Hendrix reincarnated and the man could play some ear deafening guitar. Hope you&39;re not sweating it too much down there and that the rains will not elude you this summer. We miss our old town and the friends we left behind. Hopefully when gas prices drop, we can meet up again, either there or here. All our best,Ann, Brett, Joe, Adam, and Ben Stimm

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