NCCPN Starts Patient Campaign in NC

Published 7:00 pm Monday, July 28, 2008

The North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network (NCCPN) in coorperation with Americans for Safe Access, WNC (ASAWNC) will be heading out on the road&bsp;early next&bsp;year to document the testimony of medical cannabis patients across the state of North Carolina. We will be operating with grant funds received from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) of Washington, DC. Rep. Earl Jones, (D. Greensboro) has introduced a Joint Resolution Study Bill into the NC General Assembly and has promised to introduce a full medical marijuana bill in early 2009.On June 25th, 2008, former Surgeon-General Jocelyn-Elders, Dr. Laura Hanson of the University of NC-Chapel Hill and doctor of geriatrics and palliative care, along with ASAWNC Director, Jean Marlowe, and patient and RN Dixie Deerman, of Asheville, NC spoke before the NC House Science & Technology Committee regarding the need for and public benefits from this type of legislation in our state.We will be holding free screenings of the award-winning documentary, &uot;Waiting to Inhale&uot;, which is the first film to investigate the controversy over the legalization of marijuana as medicine in the US. This powerful documentary features leading experts and researchers from all over the world on both sides of the controversy over the therapeutic potential of marijuana. The film does not serve as propaganda for one opinion or another, but focuses instead on the real stories and struggles of people on opposite ends of this provocative spectrum. Above all, &uot;Waiting to Inhale&uot; opens our eyes to the unique world of individuals enmeshed in a conflict whose stakes are nothing short of life and death. These free public educational screenings will be held across the state of NC including colleges, univesities, hospitals, civic organizations and public forums.Over a 90-day period, NCCPN will document the testimony of over 60 medical marijuana patients in the state of North Carolina, prepare information sheets regarding each patient, their disease and showing the science and research associated with medical cannabis for each corresponding disease. Packets will be delivered to every member of the NC General Assembly including the governor.It is time to return dignity and freedom to the sick and suffering of NC.

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