Tryon Hounds huntsman and hounds win show awards

Published 3:17 pm Thursday, July 24, 2008

Foxhounds do more than simply hunt. Their job is hunting over the winter months, but in the late spring and early summer they are also bench and pack shown. After hunting season ends, huntsmen and their staff begin the work of getting their best hounds performance ready. Then hound enthusiasts gather in various parts of the country to exhibit and award the best of their breed at recognized MFHA shows. Any foxhunter will tell you that a good hunting hound is their prime goal, and that looks are secondary. Still breeders of foxhounds strive to produce both a nice hunting hound and one who is the best of his breed. When it all comes together everyone wins. Hounds are carefully bred with records going back for many generations. Those keenly interested in hound breeding strive to produce dogs with superior conformation and hunting ability. Some add to this the effort of producing hounds of a certain type and color. Tyron has worked for decades to produce excellent tri-color American hounds. This year that careful attention to breeding and hard work paid off with wins at the Carolina Hound Show and the prestigious Virginia Hound Show. The Virginia Hound Show is considered the best Foxhound Show in the nation. Jordan Hicks, Professional Huntsman for the Tryon Hounds presented the best of the Tryon pack in the American Hound Classes. The results: Carolina Hound Show Entered American Dog ‐ 2nd Osage Entered American Dog Couples ‐ 2nd Osage & Opossum Stallion Hound American ‐ 3rd Opossum Entered American Bitch Couples ‐ 1st Olha & Oma Brood Bitch American ‐ 4th Keeper Virginia Hound Show Entered American Dog ‐ under 20 couples ‐ Champion Osage ‐ Beautiful bronze trophy ‐ Last time Tryon won this was in 1989! Entered American Bitch Couples ‐ under 20 couples ‐ 3rd – Olha & Oma &bsp;In addition to showing hounds the events stage a horn blowing contest. The horn blowers, usually huntsmen from the participating hunts, are hidden from view and produce a series of hunt calls on their horns. They are judged by a panel. This year Jordan Hicks placed second in the contests at both the Carolina show and at the Virginia show. Both events offered stiff competition for Jordan, those at Carolina from around the region and those at Virginia representing the best horn blowers in the nation. This was quite an accomplishment and the perfect ending to the hunt year. &bsp;

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