Historical Museum to move to Columbus

Published 8:12 am Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Columbus location, at 60 Walker Street directly across from the former Polk County Library, also provides easy access and ample parking, officials say. New areas will be available for children&squo;s programs with space for a classroom to bring in classes for tours and history lessons.

The historical association plans to organize walking tours of Columbus with the museum as a starting point. There will also be a reference and research area and a gift shop.

&dquo;This is very exciting and a big step for the Association,&dquo; said association president Anna Conner. &dquo;The Board of Directors and I have many ideas for future programs, and we think that this move will spark new interest in the rich history of our county.&dquo;

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Conner said the move from the Tryon Depot should occur by this fall. The museum will take up the basement of the Feagan building just across from the former Polk County Library and Columbus Town Hall.

The historical association was incorporated in 1977.

The museum at the Tryon Depot was officially opened for visitors on April 1, 1980 in what had been the baggage room of the former Southern Railroad depot.

Conner said the historical association hopes to have the new museum location gradually increase the number of days and hours it is opened in hopes of one day being opened daily.

Catherine Feagan, Phil and Pat Feagan&squo;s mother, who passed away this year, was involved with the historical association for many years.