More than 40 percent of residents in Tryon annexation area join lawsuit

Published 1:51 pm Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out of an estimated 406 residents in Tryon&squo;s proposed annexation area more than 40 percent have signed their names on a petition to sue the town.

The lawsuit, filed last Friday in the superior court division of the Polk County Clerk of Courts Office, bears 172 petitioners&squo; names. The petitioners represent a total of 109 properties. Tryon&squo;s annexation report says there are 192 habitable dwellings in the annexation area.

Tryon approved in April an ordinance to annex an area that includes much of Gillette Woods and areas along Country Club Road, Harmon Field Road and Hwy. 108.

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The land area included in the annexation is almost one square mile, or 637.751 acres.

The town expects to generate from the annexation an estimated $129,640 annually in net revenue. The taxable property of the annexation area is worth $43,651,029 with ad volorem taxes equalling approximately $244,446 annually plus other added revenue from Powell Bill funding for streets, along with sales, hold harmless, utility franchise and motor vehicle taxes.

The annexation plan includes extending sewer services to the annexation area at an estimated cost of $1,938,321.

The town expects to spend an extra $247,499 annually to service the area, including debt service for the sewer extension and new employees and equipment.

The lawsuit will put the town&squo;s annexation plan on hold. The effective date of the annexation was scheduled to be the end of April, 2009, but that now will depend on how long the court process takes for the lawsuit. With possible appeals, lawsuits can take a few years.