Campobello man receives life sentence in murder case

Published 3:15 pm Monday, June 23, 2008

A Campobello man has received a life sentence for killing his wife.

Larry &dquo;Brent&dquo; Horton, 37, was found guilty of murder at the conclusion of a three-day jury trial, according to the 7th circuit solicitor&squo;s office. Horton will serve every day of Circuit Judge Derham Cole&squo;s prison sentence. He is not eligible for parole. The defendant had no prior criminal record.

The defendant cut the throat of his wife, Erika Bell Horton, 26, on Jan. 2, 2007. Horton called 911 about 11 p.m. and reported that he killed his wife. When sheriff&squo;s deputies arrived on the scene, they confronted Brent Horton in front of his home at 570 Underwood Road in Campobello.

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During the trial, Brent Horton claimed amnesia as his defense and he testified about what he could remember.

Solicitor Trey Gowdy and Assistant Solicitor Cindy Crick repeatedly challenged the defendant&squo;s memory. They questioned him about his recollection of events before and after the murder. &bsp;

The defendant testified that he remembered everything that occurred until seconds before the murder. He also said he doesn&squo;t remember calling 911.

Prosecutors played the 911 tape during the trial and they got the defendant to admit that his voice was on the recording. Prosecutors also showed jurors crime scene photos of the defendant&squo;s blood-stained hands and feet. The defendant also had his wife&squo;s blood on his clothes.