List of celebrities at Bright’s Creek Friday

Published 8:31 am Friday, May 16, 2008

The following celebrities will be playing tomorrow at the BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Bright&squo;s Creek Golf Club on Palmer Road in Coopers Gap Township. See Friday&squo;s Bulletin for information about the celebrities who will be at the course on Saturday.

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is best known as Marine Corps attorney Lt. Colonel Sarah &squo;Mac&squo; Mackenzie on the former hit TV series, &dquo;J.A.G.&dquo; Bell, who currently plays Sally Pressman in the Lifetime drama &dquo;Army Wives,&dquo; also starred in the Sci-Fi network&squo;s original miniseries &dquo;The Triangle.&dquo; She has also had supporting roles in the hit movies &dquo;Bruce Almighty&dquo; and &dquo;Evan Almighty&dquo; as television news anchor Susan Ortega. Bell was voted the 38th sexiest girl in FHM&squo;s &dquo;2002 Sexiest Girls&dquo; edition. &bsp;

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Jason Dohring

Jason Dohring got his start in commercials and then moved into roles in movies and television. He has appeared on &dquo;JAG,&dquo; &dquo;Roswell,&dquo; &dquo;Boston Public,&dquo; &dquo;The Division,&dquo; and &dquo;Cold Case,&dquo; among others. Dohring also co-starred opposite Randy Quaid in the made-for-television film, &dquo;Black Cadillac.&dquo; His breakout role was portraying Logan Echolls on &dquo;Veronica Mars.&dquo;

Greg Kinnear

Greg Kinnear is an Academy-Award-nominated actor who received his breakthrough when he became the first host of &dquo;Talk Soup&dquo; in the early 90s. He left &dquo;Talk Soup&dquo; for the NBC late-night talk show, &dquo;Later with Greg Kinnear&dquo; in 1994. It was also in 1994 that Kinnear received his first big screen role, as a talk show host yet again in the comedy &dquo;Blankman.&dquo; In 1997, Kinnear starred in the blockbuster comedy drama &dquo;As Good as It Gets,&dquo; for which he received an Oscar nomination. Kinnear next portrayed actor Bob Crane in the biopic &dquo;Auto Focus.&dquo; In 2006, he starred in &dquo;Little Miss Sunshine&dquo; and co-starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film version of &dquo;Invincible.&dquo;

Michael Pena

Michael Pena made his Hollywood breakthrough in 2004 when he performed in &dquo;Million Dollar Baby&dquo; and &dquo;Crash.&dquo; He has also appeared on &dquo;The Shield.&dquo; Pena starred alongside Nicolas Cage in Oliver Stone&squo;s film &dquo;World Trade Center.&dquo; Most recently, he played Ernest Rodriquez in the drama/thriller &dquo;Lions for Lambs&dquo; opposite Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci has been in numerous movies over the past decades, including the &dquo;Lethal Weapon&dquo; series, the &dquo;Home Alone&dquo; series, &dquo;GoodFellas,&dquo; &dquo;Casino,&dquo; &dquo;A Bronx Tale,&dquo; &dquo;My Cousin Vinny,&dquo; &dquo;Gone Fishin&squo;,&dquo; &dquo;The Good Shepherd&dquo; and many more. His work in his second acting role in &dquo;The Death Collector&dquo; in 1976 was noticed by Robert De Niro, who convinced director Martin Scorsese to cast him as Joey LaMotta in the epic boxing film &dquo;Raging Bull&dquo; in 1980. He has worked with De Niro and Scorsese in numerous films. Before he was an actor, Pesci played guitar in several bands and joined Frank Vincent to start a vaudeville-style comedy act. He later co-starred with Vincent in several gangster films.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid&squo;s acting career began after his brother, Randy Quaid, was nominated for an Academy Award for &dquo;The Last Detail&dquo; (1973). After his first appearance in &dquo;Crazy Mama&dquo; (1975), Quaid gained positive reviews in &dquo;The Right Stuff&dquo; and went on to star in hits including: &dquo;Great Balls of Fire,&dquo; &dquo;Enemy Mine,&dquo; &dquo;The Rookie,&dquo; &dquo;Far from Heaven&dquo; (for which he received a Golden Globe nomination), &dquo;In Good Company,&dquo; &dquo;Dragonheart,&dquo; &dquo;The Parent Trap,&dquo; &dquo;Wyatt Earp,&dquo; &dquo;Frequency,&dquo; &dquo;Any Given Sunday&dquo; and &dquo;The Day After Tomorrow.&dquo; In his most recent film, &dquo;Vantage Point,&dquo; Quaid stars alongside Matthew Fox, Forrest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt.

Stefanie Schaeffer

Stefanie Schaeffer won NBC&squo;s 2007 &dquo;The Apprentice.&dquo; Prior to that Schaeffer worked as a lawyer for a prestigious California firm. As a major proponent of charity involvement, Schaeffer is a national spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and volunteers with the Boys and Girls Clubs and Habitat for Humanity.

Gary Valentine

Actor and comedian Gary Valentine most recently appeared in &dquo;I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.&dquo; He has held roles in &dquo;Stuck on You&dquo; with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear, and on &dquo;The King of Queens&dquo; as Doug Heffernan&squo;s (Kevin James) cousin Danny. Valentine appeared on &dquo;Comedy Central Presents&dquo; and tours across the country with several comedy tours.

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson began his acting career starring in a film (&dquo;Bottle Rocket,&dquo; 1994) co-written by his brother, Owen. Wilson has played opposite several of Hollywood&squo;s leading ladies: Calista Flockhart in &dquo;Telling Lies in America,&dquo; Drew Barrymore in &dquo;Best Men&dquo; and &dquo;Home Fries,&dquo; Reese Witherspoon in &dquo;Legally Blonde&dquo; and &dquo;Legally Blonde 2&dquo;: &dquo;Red, White & Blonde,&dquo; Kate Hudson in &dquo;Alex and Emma,&dquo; Sarah Jessica Parker in &dquo;The Family Stone,&dquo; Uma Thurman in &dquo;My Super Ex-Girlfriend,&dquo; Kate Beckinsale in &dquo;Vacancy&dquo; and Jessica Simpson in &dquo;Blonde Ambition.&dquo; Wilson has also appeared in a number of other movies, including &dquo;Old School,&dquo; &dquo;The Royal Tenenbaums,&dquo; &dquo;Hoot,&dquo; and &dquo;Blades of Glory.&dquo;