McMurray fine after fall in Steeplechase

Published 9:46 am Friday, April 25, 2008

It wasn&squo;t the way Green Creek resident Charlene McMurray had pictured her first attempt at the Foxhunter&squo;s Cup race at the Block House Steeplechase, but it didn&squo;t take away from her experience.

McMurray, riding No Hesitation, got off to a good start, but a few seconds later, she fell off her horse and was sliding across the wet grass.

&dquo;I really don&squo;t recall anything after hitting the ground,&dquo; she said.

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After falling, she slid about 20 or 30 feet on the wet grass. The paramedics told her that she was unresponsive for the first minute or two they tried to make contact with her.

McMurray said she remembers slipping and then sliding, but everything after that is a little foggy. Her next clear memories are answering questions in the ambulance.

But after the hard fall, McMurray is all right. She bruised her ribs and it hurts a little when she laughs, bends over or sneezes, she said.

In fact, McMurray has already been back on a horse. She&squo;s been taking it easy, but she couldn&squo;t stay away from riding for too long. She has returned to her teaching as well, she said.

And after the stress of running around the track several times without her rider, No Hesitation is fine also, McMurray said.

Even with the fall, McMurray said that she will take another shot at it next year.

&dquo;It wasn&squo;t the race I imagined,&dquo; she said. &dquo;But otherwise, it was a great experience. I plan on doing it again.&dquo;

There is one scenario, however, that might keep her out of next year&squo;s race.

&dquo;If it&squo;s wet, I&squo;ll have to scratch,&dquo; she said.