St. Luke?s Hospital limits visitors during flu outbreak

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The flu is a familiar, misery filled scene: aches, fever, chills, nausea and a week spent at home with a diet of fluids. There are steps you can take to help beat the flu bug and even avoid it altogether.&uot;Vaccination offers the best defense,&uot; says Helen Blomeley, infection control nurse. &uot;The Center for Disease Control urges those at most risk to receive the immunization including the elderly; people with serious conditions such as cancer, asthma, and liver or heart disease; those who are in close contact with people at high risk such as health care workers; and those living with immune compromised people. Vaccination is a good idea for anyone who wants to avoid the flu.&uot;In addition to vaccination, you can fend off the flu by keeping your immune defenses strong. Get proper amounts of sleep, eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and take vitamins as advised by your physician. It is also wise to avoid people you know are sick and take preventive precautions such as washing your hands frequently.If you think you have the flu, see your primary care physician and stay home until your doctor says you are no longer contagious. Your own doctor is the best resource you have to diagnose and treat the flu.

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