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Weicker selected as new executive director for Tryon Riding &Hunt Club

The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club (TR&HC) has announced the acceptance of Laura Weicker as the new executive director for the club.

Weicker will by no means have to be broken in to this&bsp;role. She may have been unknowingly groomed for this position from an early age,&bsp;since her mother, Mitzi Lindsey,&bsp;has served as executive director of the TR&HC for the past 35 years.

From the time Weicker was five years old she helped her mother with club projects.

Weicker says, &dquo;I learned my alphabet organizing membership cards, and my numbers by counting Block House Steeplechase parking spaces.&dquo;

Weicker was officially hired as a part-time assistant by the club in 2002. Alongside her mother,&bsp;she has been dedicated to the success of the club&squo;s year-round events&bsp;while helping to &dquo;Preserve the Equestrian Tradition,&dquo; which&bsp;has been named&bsp;the club&squo;s new tag line.

Weicker&bsp;received her formal education at&bsp;UNC Charlotte. She served as a flight attendant with U.S. Air, being based out of Pittsburgh, Pa.,&bsp;for five years&bsp;and then two more years in Baltimore, Md., before moving back to Polk County. Laura&bsp;is married to Jim Weicker, and&bsp;they have&bsp;two sons, Dylan (12) and Garrett (10).

&dquo;It is with true admiration and acknowledgment of outstanding service that the TR&HC says&bsp;farewell to Mitzi Lindsey as executive director and welcomes Laura Weicker to her new post,&dquo; said TR&HC officials. &dquo;Mitzi&bsp;will not&bsp;be far away since&bsp;she will continue her service as the club&squo;s assistant director.&bsp;Her excellent spirit of the club has been passed down to her well deserving successor, Laura, another generation of leadership of the&bsp;TR&HC.&dquo;

TR&HC officials said Lindsey, Weicker and determined board members, especially Captain Warren RauHofer, have been instrumental in helping the club obtain its newly&bsp;awarded status as a nonprofit organization.

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