BRHJA classic Horse Show – Harmon Field

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2007

High Schooling Jumper:&bsp; Ch: Orion, Ann Basket. Res: She Can Dance, Muny Sunk Stables. Low Schooling Jumper: Ch: Dreams of Silver, Janice Burrell. Res: Tyein Oak, Trayce Doubek. Child/Adult Jumper: Ch: Hayley&squo;s Havoc, Autumn Fagan. Res: Silver Stone, Arden Cone. Hopeful Jumper:&bsp; Ch: Dark Corners, Arden Cone. Res: Rubix Cube, Brandi Neves. Pre-Green Hunter: Ch: Why Not Chantilly, Caroline Harrington. Res: Hannigan McHappy, Karin Beaudry. Low Hunter: Ch: Callidora, Hartlee Blackwell. Res: Hundred Acre Wood, Michelle Drum. Green/Regular Working Hunter: Ch; Cozmopolitan, Dr. Joe Boals. Res: Callidora, Hartlee Blackhurst. Adult Amateur Hunter: Ch: Capital Hill, Tracy Suitor. Res: Allawishus, Katie Mitthaur. Adult Equitation:&bsp; Ch: Allure, Bailey Cone. Res: Gentleman&squo;s Bid, Shelly Griffitts. 15-17 Equitation: Ch: Decisions Decisions, Elizabeth Carther III. Res: Sir Walter, Sydney Souviron.&bsp; Walk/Trot/Canter:&bsp; Ch: Devon Affair, Linda McDaniel. Res: Violets Are Blue, Natalie West. Crossrail Hunter: Ch: Mountain Mist, Jessica and Natalie West. Res: Simply Charlie, Hunt Pack. Short Stirrup Equitation: Ch: Overlook&squo;s Good As Gold, Hannah Kay. Res: Live in the Moment, Darby Howard. Short Stirrup Hunter: Ch: Overlook&squo;s Good As Gold, Hannah Kay. Res: Live in the Moment, Darby Howard. Long Stirrup Equitation: Ch: Monique, Brooke Walton. Res: Hannigan McHappy, Karin Beaudry. Long Stirrup Hunter: Ch: White Lily, Kathleen Holden. Res: Monique, Brooke Walton. 11 & Under: Ch: Hidden Springs Jasmine, Diane Randolph. Res: Jow Boxer, Linda McDaniel. Small/Medium Pony Hunter: Ch: Hidden Springs Fennel, Dianne Randolph. Res: Free Ride, Arden Cone. 12-14 Eq: Ch: Wesham Well, Hunter Kay. Res: A Frodo Finish, Shannon Burton.&bsp; Children&squo;s Hunter: Ch: Weshem Well, Hunter Kay. Res: Puccini, Kaitlyn Eppinger. Pre-Child/Adult Equitation: Ch Ginger Spice, Liza Goodlett. Res: Rembrandt, Annie Walters. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter: Ch: Ginger Spice, Liza Goodlett. Res: After Midnight, Leslie Krieger. Large Pony Hunter: Ch: Woodlands Gardenia, Taylor Combs. Res: Already Taken, Anna Terkuile.

BRHJA Medal Finals:&bsp; 1.&bsp; Wesham Well, Hunter Kay. 2. Hundred Acre Wood, Jenna Watts. 3. Copyright, Jeanette Collins. 4. Hidden Springs Jasmine, Marisa Tetreault. 5. Cupid&squo;s Arrow, Devon Thurman. 6. Cappachino, Natalie Holliday. 7. Centus, Carrie Ann Culbertson.&bsp; 8. Already Taken, Anna Terkuile.

Pre-Green Hunter Classic: 1. Why Not Chantilly, Caroline Harrington. 2. Maratoge, Melissa Johnson. 3. Hannigan McHappy, Karin Beaudry, Lauren Allen. 4. Foreign Affair, Chisana Hice. 5. Edmagination, Brandi Neves, Bailey Cone. 6. Swing Set, Dan Morgan, Courtney Jackson.

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Low Hunter Classic: 1. Callidora, Hartlee Blackwell, Bailey Cone. 2. Maratoge, Melissa Johnson. 3. Faon De Blondel, Natalie Nakonovich, Dan Morgan.

Green Working Hunter Classic: 1. Allawishus, Katie Mittaur, Jodi Robertson. 2. Callidora, Hartlee Blackhurst, Bailey Cone.

Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic: 1. Follow Me, Arden Cone. 2. Allure, Bailey Cone.

Adult Amateur Hunter Classic: 1. Capital Hill, Tracy Suitor. 2. Flashback, David Greene, Sally Kay. 3. First Things First, Nikki Guerazzi, Lauren Allen. 4. Gentleman&squo;s Bid, Shelly Griffitts. 5. Allawishus, Katie Mitthaur. 6. Why Not Chantilly, Caroline Harrington.

Short Stirrup Hunter Classic:&bsp; 1. Live in the Moment, Darby Howard. 2. Overlook&squo;s Good As&bsp; Gold, Hannah Kay. 3. Black Tie Affair, Katherine Terkuile. 4. White Christmas, Ashley Shows. 5. Braveheart, John Hannah, Ashley Hannah. 6. Brownland&squo;s Bingo, Jenna Riffle.

Long Stirrup Hunter Classic: 1. White Lily, Kathleen Holdren. 2. Hannigan McHappy, Karin Beaudry. 3. Monique, Brooke Walton, Taryn Hicks.

Pony Hunter Classic: 1. Silver Mist, Arden Cone, Emily Kocher. 2. Hidden Springs Fennel, Dianne Randolph, Hannah Stephens. 3.

Joe Boxer, Linda McDaniel, Kiowa Walters. 4. Hidden Springs Linus, Dianne Randolph, Marisa Tetreault. 5. Woodland&squo;s Gardenia, Taylor Combs. 6. Hidden Springs Jasmine, Dianne Randolph, Marisa Tetreault. 7. Moving Violation, Darby Howard, Ashley LeCroy. 8. Free Ride, Arden Cone, Ashley LeCroy.

Children&squo;s Hunter Classic: 1. Catalina Beauty, Kayla Hammer. 2. Decisions Decisions, Elizabeth Carter III. 3. Puccini, Kaitlyn Eppinger. 4. A Frodo Finish, Shannon Burton. 5. Allie&squo;s Alii, Taylor Poole. 6. Wesham Well, Hunter Kay. 7. The Gentleman, Laurel Godrey. 8. Cupid&squo;s Arrow, Devon Thurman.

Pre-Child/Adult Hunter Classic:&bsp; 1. Gingerspice, Liza Goodlett. 2. Soup to Nuts, Elizabeth Bryan. 3. After Midnight, Elizabeth Blankenship. 4. Liberty Belle, Michelle Klopp. 5. Socks &squo;N Dots, Katelyn Cabiness. 6. See Spot Jump, Susannah Loftin. 7. Moving Violation, Ashley LeCroy. 8. Rembrandt, Annie Walters.

BRHJA Adult Medal Finals: 1. Follow Me, Bailey Cone. 2. Flashback, Sally Kay. 3. Double Take, Buffy Kleman. 4. First Things First, Lauren Allen.

Crossrail Hunter Classic: 1. Mountain Mist, Natalie West. 2. Silver Belle,Rachel Keith. 3. Joe Boxer, Hannah Siegel. 4. Hidden Springs Comfy, Sarah Margaret Randolph.

$500 Side Porch Catering Costume Class:&bsp; 1. Black Tie Affair, Katherin Ter Kuile. 2. Already Taken, Anna Ter Kuile. 3. Hidden Springs Fennel, Hannah Stephens. 4. Devon Affair, Hannah Siegel. 5. Brownland&squo;s Bingo, Jenna Riffle. 6. Rascal Flat, Nadia Aamon.

$1000 Ken Feagin Hunt Team Challenge:&bsp; 1. Sally Kay, Hunter Kay, Hannah Siegel. 2. Elizabeth Carter III, Jeanette Collins, Kathleen Holden. 3. Anna Ter Kuile, Hannah Stephens, Marisa Tetreault. 4. Devon Thurman, Ashley LeCroy, Liza Goodlett. 5. Rachel Dahl, Arden Cone, Bailey Cone. 6.Katelyn Cabiness, Melissa Johnson, Jaime Corn. 7. Hannah Kay, Susannah Loftin, Elizabeth Bryan. 8. Annie Walters, Erin Hurlbert, Kiowa Waters.