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Have Obamacare? Good luck finding a doctor!

I’ve previously discussed the current and growing problem of the shortage of primary care physicians, and by the year 2020 it is anticipated that there ... Read more

Being Prepared for Home Emergencies

Wisdom for some comes with age, for others, not so much. When a potential older client or family members ask to meet us, we usually ... Read more

How to fight age discrimination

Dear Savvy Senior, What constitutes age discrimination in the workplace, and where can I turn to for help if I think I’ve got a case? ... Read more

Delaying mental decline as we age

Sadly, the No. 1 killer of Americans today remains cardiac-related diseases. What makes that so discouraging is that there may not be a rational person ... Read more

How to spot elder domestic abuse

Too often we hear about child abuse, sexual assaults and murders of young girls and assaults at colleges on women. While protecting our children is ... Read more

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