Conservation Corner – Betsy Burdett

Infrastructure not just interstate highways

"Conservation Corner" by Betsy Burdett The speaker at last week’s Friends of Agriculture breakfast was Lee Mink, and the topic he spoke on was sustainable ... Read more

What jobs will serve us best in long run?

"Conservation Corner" by Betsy Burdett Thanks to a grant from the US Forest Service ( a component of the stimulus package) we have three “woods ... Read more

Answers from the night sky

"Conservation Corner" by Betsy Burdett Last night, on the way to the house, from the barn I stopped to look up at the trees and ... Read more

What we leave behind matters

Last weekend the Bradley Education Fund, of the Polk County Community Foundation, sent me, plus three other local people to New York City to the ... Read more

Looking for truth in the wrong places

Several weeks ago was American Crafts Week. Heartwood Gallery hosted a reception at the Saluda Center featuring four local artists, with a talk by ... Read more

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