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Goodnight Irene: Father’s favorite song

“Goodnight Irene” was the headline just after Hurricane Irene tore through the east coast, reaping havoc wherever she went. Seeing those words “Goodnight Irene’ brought ... Read more

Being outside in order to grow inside

Two weeks ago I completed my 16th summer as the baker at Camp Glen Arden for Girls in Tuxedo, N.C. In spite of the relentless ... Read more

Nature’s diversity is not a mistake

One morning this week I had the pleasure of driving to work when mist hung over the Green River Gorge; the mountains actually glistened. I ... Read more

Muddy lake: nature pays

The lake at camp has been muddy since campers arrived three weeks ago. We’ve had some hard rains that could cause the lake to be ... Read more

Why not take advantage of free air for cooling, laundry?

"Conservation Corner" by Betsy Burdett Last week my niece Anne and her 4-year-old son, Mason, came to visit. Read more

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