Saluda considers smoking ban

Published 10:00pm Thursday, April 17, 2014

The City of Saluda is considering banning tobacco use from its parks as well as smoking in city vehicles.
Saluda City Council met Monday, April 14 and discussed the possible ban.
Commissioner Lynn Cass said she brought it up at the city’s last meeting and since reworked the draft to ban tobacco in McCreery Park but not include the pavilion.
Commissioners later by a majority decided to include banning tobacco in the pavilion and Spring Park with commissioner Leon Morgan against the ban in the pavilion.
Morgan said his reasons for continuing to allow smoking in the pavilion is for groups who rent the pavilion, such as for family reunions.
Cass clarified that the possible ban is for the parks and city vehicles only and will not prohibit tobacco use on city streets or sidewalks.
When commissioners were discussing excluding the ban in the McCreery Park pavilion resident Ellen Rogers said she thinks the pavilion should be included in the ban.
Rogers said so she should go to city hall and ask if there is going to be someone renting the pavilion so she knows whether or not she can take her child to the park.
“If we’re going to be health conscious, let’s be health conscious,” Rogers said.
Rogers also suggested the city charge more to rent the pavilion for people who do not reside in Saluda.
Saluda charges $25 for up to four hours to rent its pavilion.
After some discussion, Cass asked that the city draft an ordinance to make McCreery and Spring Park non-smoking, including the pavilion.
In the ordinance draft, enforcement is proposed for the police to ask people to stop. There will also be signs posted.
Commissioners plan to vote on the ordinance to ban tobacco in parks during the city’s May meeting, scheduled for Monday, May 12.

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