Often I find myself in difficult dilemmas when it comes to my kids.  120613-SpecialCases_Mojo

With the best intentions

Published 5:58pm Thursday, December 5, 2013

Besides the many forms of assistance, sheer will and heavy prayer have brought about success in near impossible scenarios.

Those who have read my columns through the years know how personally I take each case. You also know when I lose one, I am devastated.

Last week, among other things, I took on two cases of sweet young dogs with loving families. Riley, a 1-year-old lab mix, was struck by a car and severely damaged a leg that we feared might have to be taken. The couple who owned her contacted me and I promised to do what I could to help.

They have a 10-month-old son and the prospect of a boy and his dog growing together delighted my soul. I met Riley briefly while he was being examined and informed Dr. Raines that she would be one of my kids.

A few days later I met the young couple at Landrum Vet and I was informed that Riley developed a blood clot and passed away before she could be operated on. I did what I could to console the family; I paid the bill and offered to help them find a new pup when the time was right. The thought of replacing Riley at this time was foreign to them; Lord knows we’ve all been there. I went outside and wept, I did not want them to see how much their loss had affected me.

When the couple left, I went back inside to check on Lucy, the 10-month-old Rotti mix, who had a major operation due to a blockage.

A myriad of tests were done to determine the cause of her problems. After the first test came back negative, it was learned Lucy was carrying the parvovirus. Parvo is a number one killer, even ahead of heartworm. Dr. Donna explained to me that it can hide when it’s been around awhile without treatment.

“What’s next, doc?” I asked.

“We’ll keep her in isolation, treat her and hope for the best,” Dr. Donna said.

“Please do the best you can, Donna, Lucy belongs to the family of a dear old friend.”

At 10 months old she’d given it all she could but that evening, Lucy succumbed to the deadly disease.

I’d never lost two so young and with so much potential in one day. When I spoke with Chad, my good friend’s grandson, believe it or not the young man was consoling me.

I cancelled Mojo’s check up visit to Upstate Veterinarian Specialists due to the weather and the holiday. He’ll be going back Wednesday morning to learn where we’ll go from here. For now he’s doing well and having the time of his life with my dear friend Danielle and her family.

Rockii will be leaving on Thursday morning for the University of Georgia for a hip replacement. The poor boy has had a rough go of it throughout his life, thank God he’s landed at the Larsen’s where he’s received the best of care and unending love.

We will never be able to judge which ones will make it against all odds and which will fail with much in their favor. Sheer will and heavy prayer sometimes are not enough, or perhaps the Lord has deemed a certain animal has served its purpose.

I’ll admit that sometimes I’m weak of faith and question what that purpose could have been. I rely on the fact that the Lord knows my heart and would not have sent me on this mission if I wasn’t willing to fight for each and every one of my kids.

Please pray for me and thanks for listening.

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