A case like Snickers

Published 10:11am Friday, September 20, 2013

“He throws them up and plays by himself,” Jackie told me, “and squeaky toys are a special treat Lennie, you can see the look of joy in his eyes.”

Snickers is now online, or you could contact any of the folks in this tale if you’re interested.

I think of the countless people who’ve adopted my troubled animals in the past and how often I hear the words of gratitude for that decision.

As you all know, I sometimes fret far too deeply for animals I cannot help because of obstacles humans put in my way. Though I pray on it, I suppose I’ll never know God’s plan. I do think that every once in a while when I’m troubled and swamped with cases, He’ll send me a case like Snickers to let me know He’s in control.

Thanks for listening.

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