The phenomena of Tryon

Published 9:20am Friday, September 6, 2013

“Fire Service No. 3” is a beautiful symphony of graduating reds into reds, starting out softly near the edge and gradually growing stronger as they work to the center area culminating with light coming through.

There are so many more works that are breathtaking but space and time alas are limiting.

Just a few days left of this exhibit, so hurry. Then Tryon Painters and Sculptors around the corner from Owens Pharmacy has a very colorful variety of works.

At the beginning, there is Pat Roshaven’s “Movie Night,” a large photo of swirling red taillights flashing by the movie marquee, capturing the excitement of the movie.

“The Wonder Dog” by Barney Eiserhol, very lively and original, has the subject with an alert expression on his face as he watches an orange ball before him on a wire – beautifully crafted in painted steel.

Then there is “Things Fall Apart, Things Come Together,” by Julia Calhoun Williams.

A carousel unicorn with beautifully designed trappings around his flanks.

Next is “Florida Sunshine,” a watercolor with large palm fronds against a gold and red sky over a tropical ocean. Wanted to go there. In another mood entirely, is Patricia Cole Ferrulo’s abstract; a balance of warm and cool colors.

Because of space and time limitations, I cannot give a description of some of the other beautiful works, so just go and see them all for yourself. The show lasts until Sept. 7.

Oh yes, I have two paintings in the show but my extreme modesty prevents me from telling you how really magnificent they are.

– Ron Mosseller, Tryon


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