Tourism bolsters Polk, without changing Polk, if we care enough

Published 8:53am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This means at least 200 people needing somewhere to sleep; food to keep their bodies fueled for the long distance runs by kayak, bike and foot; and gas to get them home again.

Sure, there will be a need for some extra police forces here and there. There will also be a bit more trash to pick up. But then those visitors, after experiencing all we have to offer, will then return home taking with them their continuing need for law enforcement, additional energy resources, fire protection and more. But also with travelers such as these, their passions don’t exist without nature. The last thing they want is to leave a river like the Green or an area such as the game lands in disarray.

Polk County’s entrepreneurs are smart to capitalize on the treasures we have in this area. Hopefully they will continue to do so, leaving only positive traces on the area. Doing so creates jobs and valuable revenue for our communities without extinguishing nonrenewable resources. Doing so helps Polk County thrive.

- The Tryon Daily Bulletin Editorial Staff

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