Ann Gargiulo: Finding home at a slower pace

Published 4:48pm Monday, July 1, 2013

Ann spent much of her life in England, since her mother was English, and the English boarding school differed radically from her American high school in Del Ray, Fla. Due to her family’s work promotions, she attended four high schools and three colleges in England, California, Connecticut and Florida.

When she settled into life in New York City, she thought she’d settled for good. She considered going back to live in France, but New York City drew her close. The call of the countryside never left her, though. She and her husband have lived here for 13 years now.

“We’re working harder now than we were in New York,” she said. “I would like to have more time for reading, gardening and golfing, but running a business takes time, with buying, displays, paperwork and bookkeeping.”

She recently visited New York City and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. A carousel encased in a huge square glass box gleamed in the light, and it was enchanting, but the city life no longer suits her.

“We came back happy, but absolutely exhausted,” she says. “I love to visit, but I can’t live there anymore. It’s too fast-paced now.”

Ann says she’s met wonderful, supportive people here, and she hopes her shop shares the qualities of the town environment of Tryon.

“It’s a friendly, comfortable, pleasing atmosphere that’s calm but fun,” she says.

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