Stick to the facts

Published 9:43am Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In that year – six years ago, Tom Pack voted to cut the tax rate by at least ¼-cent. So if nothing else, Mr. Pack has been a steady force for taxing Polk County citizens no more than is absolutely necessary. He has consistently been of the opinion that taxpayers, Polk County citizens, know better how to spend their money than do politicians. So while Ms. McDermott can be “snarky” about the tax cut not even being able to purchase a Happy Meal, I for one, think she might be better off taking up that matter with McDonalds.

As for Ms. McDermott’s assertion that the Department of Social Services (DSS) “badly needs another child welfare worker,” I went back to see what was allocated when she and Mr. Gasperson were in charge.

If the position “remained unfilled a couple of years ago”, then why was this not addressed a couple of years ago? The minutes from the 2011 budget meetings say nothing other than: DSS, Sue Rhodes – dismissed.

Oh yeah, according to Ms. McDermott, then County Manager, Ryan Whitson, wanted to leave the position open for a while because of “the Great Recession.” Why is it so urgent now, if it wasn’t urgent when you were in control, Ms. McDermott? Are we still not in the midst of this Great Recession?

It is amazing to me that some people are evidently unaware that what they did (or said) in the past is not forgotten by some of us. All we have to do is read how they voted and what they said in their articles.

The facts are very stubborn things, aren’t they?

– Cyndi Breedlove, Mill Spring

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