Baitcasting reels

Published 3:26pm Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The reels also have a very good drag system. The smoothness of the drag coupled with the revolving spool make for a very good tool for fighting really big fish. The contact point of the line is large, (the diameter of the spool) compared to the tiny friction point of the pickup pin on a spincasting reel.

The reels do have some downsides. Throwing really light baits is almost impossible. And if you can throw them, accuracy is not in the equation.

The most infamous disadvantage of a baitcaster is spool overrun. Hitting something on your back cast, casting into the wind, too light of a lure, poor technique, etc., can end in a disasterous mess on your reel. Once your momentum has the spool spinning, it’s going to keep spinning until momentum ceases or you thumb the spool. These overruns can be so bad the line has to be cut off and respooled.

If a person takes the time to learn a baitcasting reel, uses the cast controls correctly, and applies the reel for the right uses, it can be an excellent tool.

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