If you want to know about me

Published 10:06am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the editor:

If Ms. Mary Parker wants to know about me all she needs to do is call me.

I’ll probably give her more information about me than she really wants or cares to know.

I have lived in Polk County almost all my 76 years, except for the time I proudly served my country in the military and a couple years I lived in S.C. for Milliken & Company.
I grew up on the “mill hill” in Tryon and as a young lad went to live with my grandpa on a farm in Mill Spring.

At my age I don’t remember doing anything I’m ashamed of and if I have, I have asked “My God” to forgive me.

I don’t put everything about me on computers, because I’m very concerned about identity theft.

– Ted Owens, Columbus

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