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Dog lover requests respect

Published 10:05am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read Ms. McNabb’s letter in response to Mr. Speight’s letter about being criticized for breeding his dog.
Mr. Speight’s letter reflected a responsible dog owner, breeding his one dog specifically to preserve a lineage for the enjoyment of his family, finding good homes for puppies not kept in the family.

My father bred German Shepherds and my grandfather bred dachshunds with great attention to lineage, health and care. They each had one female bred once a year. My own dog is spayed and was adopted from the Foothills Humane Society.

There is no doubt Ms. McNabb has seen sorrowful happenings with regard to dogs others have irresponsibly bred, discarded or abused. Yet the sanctimonious tone of her letter, including calling Mr. Speight ignorant or selfish for breeding his dog with love, has the air of a bully.
I’m surprised the TDB printed it.

A dog lover.

– Nadine Naujoks

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