Published 8:32am Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To the editor:

If the big city newspapers get any smaller, the Bulletin may be challenged to support its claim to be the “World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper!”

Some of us older folks cannot read the phone book or the funnies anymore because the print is too small. There is now a solution for the newspapers. If you subscribe to the “e-edition” of the Hendersonville Time-News you can just click on the comic strip and a large copy of it will appear on your screen to be easily read without your bifocals or readers!  Trouble is, the e-edition for Sunday does not include the comics or Parade magazine.

I realize that many of you intellectuals do not read the “funny papers,” but many of us lesser folk look forward to our daily treats like the unique and incomparable Peanuts, not to mention Beetle Bailey, Dagwood and For Better or Worse.  These characters are as real to us as anyone on the television.

– Garland Goodwin, Columbus

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