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Tryon’s future requires strong, experienced leadership

Published 9:58pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two towns in our area currently have want ads out for new city and town administrators/managers.

The reasons these towns have vacancies differ greatly – one town’s administrator is retiring after eight years, while another fired its town manager after five months – both need strong leadership, but Tryon does in particular.

One Tryon official said the town wanted to “go in a different direction” with the town’s manager position. We believe citizens would like to know more about what that new direction is exactly.

The hope is the new direction would involve selecting someone with the ability to provide real leadership. Tryon needs a manager that can lead the town through difficult situations.

In a tough economy, towns need people at the helm with a thorough understanding of how government should work on a city level. Some might think leading a small town of about 1,700 people might not take any breadth of knowledge, but they would be wrong.

Over the last year the town of Tryon has dealt with budgetary issues, numerous sewer issues, rising water bills, an ABC store in debt, empty storefronts, a need to grow its tax base and, as of late, a general discord within its council.

A 2012 audit showed the town expended money that was not appropriated and failed to amend the budget to cover those expenditures. Tryon was over $53,132 in the police department, $23,184 for Harmon Field and $209,533 through the water plant, among others.

Tryon needs a manager willing to be tough when the situation calls for it. Tryon needs a manager with prudence to lead the town back to a balanced budget and the foresight to move the town into a brighter future.

Bringing in the right person for the job in Tryon will however require leadership now from council members and Mayor Alan Peoples. It’s imperative these men come together over the next two months to seek out exactly the right person to fill what should be recognized as a vital position in the town. Tryon’s future counts on it.

– Editorial staff, Tryon Daily Bulletin

  • tryon native

    Seems to me we had someone who was trying to provide strong leadership but the “good ole boy network” wasn’t allowing her to do her job and clean up the dis-function. I guess when they hired a young woman they thought she would be a puppet and could intimidate her into continuing the mess that Tryon has been for years. When it was apparent she was not going along with that, she was fired. More tax payer money wasted. The mismanagement is rampant, but until some outside agency steps in to rid us of the fools in “power” now, nothing will change. It’s a shame and I hate to see this happening to my home town.

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