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Good Intentions don’t always make good ideas

Published 4:59pm Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To the editor:

The recent article submitted by Polk County Sheriff’s Office that “encourages all residents to use a free online system” to list their valuables is both good and bad. First, I agree we should maintain a list of valuables, from TVs to wedding sets, but I don’t think it should be posted online. The number of companies, government agencies, and personal computers being hacked these days grows faster than someone’s list.

I do not recommend that you create a shopping list, with serial numbers, photos, location, value, date purchased, etc. for future criminals to hack. In addition, I could not find on this company’s website any mention of liability insurance in case they cannot safeguard your information.

When you do make your list, print it and store it in a safe place — safety deposit box, maybe. Again, I don’t recommend your computer being a safe place. Someone might steal it or hack it. I do realize that our home insurance companies may require some of our property to be listed in detail with the insurance company. They are insurance companies with insurance.

However, this site does allow us to report stolen property and national reporting site of stolen property seems like a great idea. To me, this is a worthy service. One is able to list items stolen with hopes that stores and police agencies will use this service to help return our property.

- Ron Pankey, Tryon

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