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Does wildlife really know best?

Published 10:04am Friday, February 15, 2013

To the editor:

It seems to me that there is more interest in encouraging trapping by our wildlife officers than from our citizens. They admit there are only two people licensed currently in Polk County to legally trap on their own or leased property.

So Mr. Blanton’s statement, “trapping is going on right now and these horror stories aren’t happening” is meant to convince us that by allowing many more people to be legally trapping on other peoples’ property (with permission) would not increase the chances of some horror stories?

Perhaps the $25 license fee is behind some of this. Perhaps the money to be made in fur trapping is behind some of this. The wildlife people have a problem with coyotes but admit there has been only one report of a person bitten by a coyote since 2002 in western NC.

They estimate the damage done by beavers in 2009-2010 is $2.6 million in the state. If that number is true I guess the damage to property on Chocolate Drop Mountain and the surrounding area caused more damage than all the badgers in the state. Wildlife also claimed, “most people don’t know how to trap and it’s become a lost art.” Well, I guess they will just have to practice, practice, practice on our wildlife until they get it right! Speaking of trusting wildlife to get it right rather than listening to the residents and voters in the county; let’s discuss their stocking of one of the largest predator fish, the Muskie in our Lake Adger.  

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    2nd part of comment section. the muskie was native to wnc and was eradicated by polution on the FBR and Little T. I have a book hunting and fishing in the great smokies by j.gasque stating muskies in fontana in 1947. lake adger was a secluded mountain lake and with the clean air water act of the early ’70′s muskies were stocked to provide a fishery for wnc fishermen and to see if natural reproduction could take place there.I don’t have the space here to tell all that has happened since ’96/97 development has taken all the downed timber,habitat, removed the sand drag on the green river, brights dev wasted going into the lake/sedimentation. runoff from I-26 into the green river,etc. look at your coves, lil’jackson, jackson’s cove, garretts cove, silver creek cove, all of these coves are now silted in. all FISH have lost their habitat. look at all the boat docks(big long ones)all are in prime fish habitats which are not fishable now. look at the siltation coming out of the dock now. no proof, but several years ago, there was a movement to raise and lower the water levels when the geese and ducks were nesting. this was an attempt to keep them off the properties, therefore the geese went elsewhere. lake adger is a tough lake to fish, there is an excellent forage base of suckers. when you don’t have habitat you don’t have fish. NCWRC by law couldn’t do anything to help the lake fisheries because the developers wanted to make the lake private. this effort was thwarted by concerned people of WNC. the WRC has maintenance over the landing,and will have to spend thousands of dollars to dredge from the landing out to the point that goes into the lake. all you have to do is to look at the siltation of the lake. the enforcement div of the WRC is there to enforce the laws and they will. not enough space to devote to the fishery(it isn’t a smallmouth lake), there is a good population of white bass, largemouth, bream,bluegill,carp,catfish,and muskie. muskies went 6yrs without stocking due to previous issues mentioned above. no attention was given to the lake because of this. the lake was only about MONEY & DEVELOPMENT)and the heck with the fish and fishermen. I am a concerned outsdoors person and I want the people of Polk county and WNC to get the facts. my email address is and would love to discuss with intelligence the history of the lake and its fishery. thank you for you time again. sincerely your, don funderud

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    I would like to invite mr. mazur to one of our club meetings so he can meet with our members, district 9 biologist and get the real story of lake adger and fishery that the residents of polk county have. with the residents of polk county know it or not it is one of the best fishery’s for bass, catfish and especially muskies around.
    mr. mazur will then be informed of what a beautiful lake he has to fish in. we must remember it is not a private lake for few to enjoy, but a lake for all to enjoy. the north carolina wildlife resources commission has done a wonderful job of restoring the lake to prior development days. thank you for your time. sincerely yours, don funderud. If mr. mazur would like to know more about the lake, I would be available to discuss the lake and or take him fishing to show the benefits of lake adger.

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