Hard work to protect county ignored

Published 6:45pm Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tom Pack’s solution was to rescind the MRPO from 2009 and request that the planning board submit new guidelines for the building inspector.

While we believe building inspector Steve Jones to be capable of carrying out his job, we also agree that this places much responsibility and liability at one man’s feet.

Many in the county felt the Mountainside Ridgeline Protection Ordinance too strictly confined a limited portion of the county – particularly Saluda Township – with its elevation restriction of 1,650 feet. Numerous citizens spoke at Unified Development Ordinance meetings, MRPO meetings and planning board meetings to demand changes be made. Before long committee members struck the elevation restriction from the proposed document before commissioners recommended the MRPO be rescinded all together. We believe few however expected to see no protections left.

It’s hard to understand why the commission would ignore those willing to come to a compromise.

- Tryon Daily Bulletin, editorial staff

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