Friends, old and new, Amy and Thor

Published 5:50pm Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I didn’t hear from Amy for two weeks after that regarding Thor, then the phone rang again.

“Hi Amy, how are things going?”

“We decided to keep Thor, Lennie, he’s getting along wonderfully with our group of dogs and cats.”

“That’s beautiful Amy, what about his allergies?”

“We decided to take you up on your offer,” she said.

“Wonderful Amy, get him down to Landrum vet and I’ll alert them that he’s one of my kids.”

On Monday I went to meet Thor for the first time. The staff at the vets were all gushing about him, “he is so sweet Lennie, strong but lovable.” When I got to his cage I expected to see an aging pit sort of slowing down. Thor was none of that. He was alive and vibrant and anxious for any sort of attention someone would give him. I opened the cage and sat in with him. Thor laid across my lap and emitted moans of pleasure as I loved him up.

“You won’t be here long my new friend, we’re going to make you better and send you home to your new family.”

“Thanks Uncle Lennie.”

“Oh so you know who I am Thor.”

“We all do Uncle Lennie.”

“Well Thor, you have done a fantastic job being a companion and a loyal friend to your mom, as a reward you will now get to live out your life with her family who loved her just as much as you did.”

I tearfully left his cage ever grateful that this magnificent boy has and will always receive just as much love as he has given.

Thanks for listening.

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