During the week of Oct. 29, the seventh graders at Polk County Middle School learned about the science that explains why hot air balloons fly. Dr. Robert Pettis, seventh-grade science teacher at PCMS received two grants last year to fund this activity. A $750 grant from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina and a $300 grant from the Polk County Community Foundation’s Middle School fund were used to purchase materials to build and launch paper hot air balloons in seventh- grade science classes. Students were excited to watch the balloons they built rise into the sky. Pictured are: Trinity Branham, Blair Birenbaum, Abby Amato and Callie Dunn work with their hot air balloon. (article submitted by Carlann Scherping)

Up, up and away

Published 4:07pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Jeremy Johnson, Hayden Gary and Kyle Hopkins test the science of hot air balloons.

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