Straight from horse’s mouth

Published 5:44pm Tuesday, November 20, 2012

During June and July of 2012, the funds to restore Morris were raised. There has been an audit of these funds and all money is accounted for.  There was an understanding that the restoration of Morris would not begin until the fall, after the funds were raised. The men restoring Morris have received only $4,500 of the $12,000 to begin the restoration. They will receive the other $7,500 when the project is completed.

After taking Morris to an undisclosed (within the limits of the Town of Tryon) location to begin work, it was revealed that he was infested with wasp nests and rotted from the inside-out. His entire head and tail had to be rebuilt. Wanting to save all of Morris that we could, it took a lot of work to restore his body and legs.  Morris was later moved due to vandalism and concerns of inclement weather.

His final return date was never disclosed because it was our wish to return Morris in the dark of night at a secret time in the same way he disappeared.

This brilliantly ran campaign made enough money to restore Morris for the first time since 1983 with monies remaining for future maintenance.

Thank you to all individuals and organizations who donated to Save Morris.  Forwarding moving and proactive actions build community pride.

- Caitlin Martin, Tryon Town Manager

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