Be wary of manipulative intimidators

Published 7:39am Monday, October 1, 2012

To the editor,
Bravo, Polk County!
You thronged to the UDO meeting Monday night [Sept. 17], armed with Bibles and self-righteous anger to show your might. Invited to learn about UDO, to ask questions and to become truly informed, you tried instead to cow our elected officials who had the gall to think they could infringe on your sacred freedoms. These officials who would trespass with impunity (or so you were told) on your land, in your homes. And these same commissioners, two of whom are females – what do they know? How dare they! You showed them, all right!
By acting like a mob, truly having the mentality of a bully (“tarred and feathered?) instead of a concerned group of citizens asking for clarification of the UDO, you played right into the hands of spineless cowards, backroom shady politicians, who vilified these commissioners weekly with unsigned cartoons; and those cowards could care less about Polk County’s future.
Had you listened, you would have remembered that these commissioners did not create UDO a few weeks ago out of thin air, nor ignored your input. They are following a plan, part of the 20/20, put in place “by the people, for the people” years ago with visions of a vibrant future for Polk County. Yes, the wording of UDO needs tweaking, but it does not warrant “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”
Thank heavens you elected these commissioners, particularly these two courageous, strong women. They are honest, informed and hard-working on your behalf. They have tirelessly tried to put in place a plan to indeed safeguard your heritage: these beautiful hills and unique communities.
They are doing it, not for personal advantages or political clout, but for the same reasons you hope to protect this county: for a deep love of this amazing bit of heaven on earth.
So,please work together with your elected commissioners and be wary of manipulative intimidators.
– Marie King, Tryon

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