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Busy, busy, busy

Published 11:49am Friday, August 31, 2012

The next day I received a call from a dear lady who found a little black Pom mix on the side of the road. His hair was so matted, knotted and overgrown he could hardly walk and was in obvious pain. She’d spent two hours bathing him and trying to comb him out but much more needed to be done. She’d done all she could but having six dogs of her own, she just couldn’t keep him.
Mr. Bud (Trippy), our homeless dog, had his leg removed and the operation went beautifully. The drain was removed on Friday and I’ll be taking him to his new home at 11 a.m. this morning. It is once again early Monday. The little trooper is soaking up all the attention he’s getting and getting around beautifully. I went to Bonnie Brae’s on Friday to help pay for Mr. Bud’s boarding but Angel would have none of it.
“We promised you it would be free and that means all of it,” she said, smiling.
Not only that, she offered me some extra heart medicine that she has that I could definitely use for Mia and Kaya, two shepherds I’ve been helping for a while. I love these girls and their owners and this gesture alone will save me hundreds of dollars.  Did I tell you that our vets are incredible?
Charlie, the nine-year-old Dachshund, has had his tumors removed, along with a bad tooth that was causing him problems.  Eva, bless her, left $30 in an effort to assist. Charlie’s bill was half of what was originally quoted even with the extra work that was done.  Thanks Landrum vet, I am well aware of the breaks you give me for my kids. Charlie is back home now and feeling great.
Eva says “Now if he’d just leave his stitches alone.”
“He’s a Dachshund,” I said, laughing, “what do you expect?”
The lady who found “Roscoe,” our matted Pom mix, not only left $50 to help with his care but comes in to walk him now and then – good people. Roscoe will be neutered later on today but there’s a reason why I’ll be picking up Mr. Bud after 10 a.m. today. I’ll be meeting with Fran early this morning to spend some time with Roscoe before his operation and on Wednesday she’ll be taking him to his new forever home.
Many other things are going on but I wished to make this week’s tale totally positive.  You see, I fret, I worry and I pray and the good Lord merely sends me angels.
Thanks for listening.

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