Kindermusik, art classes return to TFAC Sept. 8

Published 3:08pm Wednesday, August 29, 2012

After attending the July Summer Kindermusik and Art Camp with her 3-year-old granddaughter, Karen Killough of Tryon said, “The program is so multi-dimensional! During our four-hour drive back to her house, the Kindermusik CD was all I was allowed to listen to and she still remembers the words and the movements. It was a great experience for both of us.”
The art class for children 4-6 years old will be offered to develop the student’s basic skills and to complement and deepen subject matter taught in Kindermusik. Students will work with a variety of media and activities.
“Offering both music and visual arts exploring a common theme provides a well-rounded arts experience for students, and makes for a full and fun morning,” said Marianne Carruth, education director at Tryon Fine Arts Center.
In addition to visual arts and music programming for young children, TFAC is also offering a painting class for middle and high school students, taught by artist Margaret Curtis. This class is scheduled to begin in October and meet in trimesters over the course of the school year. The focus will be on individual development of student skills.
Tryon Fine Arts Center is located on Melrose Avenue in Tryon. For information or to register for classes at TFAC, call 828-859-8322 ext. 213 or check
- article submitted by Marianne Carruth

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