More changes for the Polk County Board of Education 

Published 11:48 am Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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HB 1064 would alter the number of seats Tryon has on the board


POLK COUNTY—On June 27, the North Carolina House revised and passed House Bill 1064, which, if it becomes law, would change the structure of the Polk County Board of Education.

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With the revision, only one seat for Tryon would be available on the board instead of two.

The bill introduces six single-member residency districts and one at-large seat, modifying the previous arrangement, which included two Tryon seats on the board. Residents from any part of the county could file for election for that seat the new at-large seat

Under the new legislation, elections for the at-large seat on the board will occur in 2026 and every four years after that. 

The bill also outlines a schedule for future elections designed to ensure a staggered turnover of board members. Starting in 2024, and every four years thereafter, one member will be elected from each of the Townships of Saluda, Tryon, and White Oak to serve four-year terms. In 2026, the process will continue with one member each from the Townships of Cooper’s Gap, Columbus, and Green Creek, along with another member elected from the county at large. Each member will serve a four-year term.

After HB 66 went into effect this year, the election of school board members will now be based on a partisan system, departing from the previous practice of non-partisan candidates. This change means all candidates will be identified with a specific political party on the ballot.

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