Boredom beaters

Published 11:43 am Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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“I’m bored” is a phrase that disappeared from my vocabulary at an early age. If my father heard those two words, he translated them as, “I volunteer to do the most strenuous physical labor you can think of.” At the mere utterance of those words, a dump truck would appear and empty a full load of mulch in our driveway. If we complained about being bored again, spreading mulch would seem like a spa day. 

My kids have also learned not to say I’m bored. There is always yardwork to entertain. One way to keep boredom away is exploring outside. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, these are some fun things to do to keep boredom away.

Worm farms are one of the most simple ways to keep a kid busy. All you need is a Tupperware container filled with dirt with holes poked in the lid. Throw spent coffee grounds and apple cores in the container every now and then, and you will have all the worms you want. 

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One of the most exciting parts of making a worm farm is finding the worms. It’s best to look for them after a good rain. You can start digging or try worm charming. If you don’t know what worm charming is, search back in this paper to June 20, 2023, and you can read about it.

The best part about having a worm farm is the ample amount of bait for fishing. When you are bored of watching worms, you can pick an unlucky few and head to the closest body of water with a fishing pole. No fancy setups or glittery boats are needed for this fishing trip. You could even get by with a hook connected to a long stick by a fishing line. While I love my fancy fishing tackle, I try to catch a fish with a cane pole once a year to not forget my roots.

If worms or fishing aren’t your thing, take a hike. No, seriously, take a hike in the woods. If on that hike you start to wonder about the nature around you, there are two apps that you can download to enhance your knowledge of the flora and fauna. The first is an app called “Picture This.” This app allows you to take a photo of a plant, and it will identify it in seconds. A common stereotype of deer hunters is that they don’t know what type of tree they are sitting in when hunting. That hits a little close to home. Since I downloaded this app, I at least know what tree I am hunting in.

The next app is great for porch sitting in the early morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening in a rocking chair. The “Merlin Bird” app uses your phone’s microphone to record the bird sounds around you. The app identifies the bird’s call and makes learning the bird songs a breeze. 

With those ideas, I don’t believe you can be bored this summer. And if you are bored, come over to my house and spread some mulch while I take a hike to my fishing spot.


Spending some time fishing is a great way to beat boredom.